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Journal of Nursing UFPE on line [JNUOL / DOI: 10.5205/01012007 / Impact factor: RIC: 0,9220]

The Journal of Nursing UFPE on line [JNUOL - Impact Factor RIC: 0,9220] - Qualis Capes B2 Nursing is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Master in Nursing Program, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. The Journal focuses on aspects of nursing related to undergraduate and graduate nursing programs and enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing.

The purpose of JNUOL is to advance nursing leadership in health care, with a focus on tomorrow, by providing information and thoughtful analyses of content and emerging best practices in health care.

The JNUOL utilizes the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software, a journal management and publishing system for online management for each stage of publishing. Subscription is free. Manuscripts should follow the style of the Vancouver agreement detailed in the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors' revised 'Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publications', as presented at

The JNUOL publishes different types of papers (Editorial, Experiment Report, Reflection, Free Theme, Literary Review, Abstracts of Thesis/Dissertations, Preview Note), but in special Original Research all written or translated into the English and/or Spanish languages. Each manuscript is twice evaluated, before acceptance.

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The Journal is affiliated to the Brazilian Association of Science Editors - ABEC. Its abbreviated title is J Nurs UFPE on line./Rev enferm UFPE on line. which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.

Publication ethics and malpractice statement

As part of our efforts to improve the quality of the journal, we would like to emphasize the importance of maintaining high ethical standards when publishing articles in << Journal Nursing UFPE on line >>.

In our publishing activity we rely upon regulations from Brazilian Association of Science Editors – ABEC: We also work on adhering to international publication ethics and publication malpractice statement (composed using the Publishing ethics resource kit and in compliance with Elsevier recommendations can be found here:

Ranking Cuiden Citacion
Repercusión Inmediata Cuiden (RIC): 0,9220


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Vol 10, No 1 (2016): ISSUE SUPPLEMENTARY

Table of Contents


The spread of sexually transmitted infections / ist / HIV / AIDS in older people PDF
Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Profile of hospital infections in the intensive care units of an emergency hospital PDF PDF
Alice Santos Veras, Márcia Renata Pereira da Silva, Marcelo de Moura Carvalho, Lorena Rocha Batista Carvalho, Camila Aparecida Pinheiro Landim 194-201
Food guidance for diabetics in the family health strategy PDF PDF
Carmen Viana Ramos, Mary Margareth Moura Fé, Maria Eliete Batista Moura, Benevina Maria Vilar Teixeira Nunes, Maria do Carmo de Carvalho Martins 202-210
Training of the community family health agent in elderly assistance PDF PDF
Keila Maria Gonçalves da Silveira Fortes, Maria Eliete Batista Moura, Benevina Maria Vilar Teixeira Nunes, Camila Aparecida Pinheiro Landim Almeida, Eliana Campelo Lago 211-217
Socio-demographic profile of elderly people attended at the family health strategy PDF PDF
Cleidinalva Maria Teixeira Aguiar, Cristina Maria Miranda de Sousa, Ana Ana Maria Ribeiro dos Santos., Camila Aparecida Pinheiro Landim Almeida, Maria Maria Eliete Batista Moura 218-224
Demographic and clinical characteristics of intensive therapy units patients with pressure ulcer PDF PDF
Lidyane Rodrigues Oliveira Santos, Fernanda Valeria Silva Dantas Avelino, Maria Helena Barros Araújo Luz, Tamires Barradas Cavalcante, Jessica Loureiro Mendes Silva, Clara Ananda Pimentel de Sousa Santos 225-231
Dance: a therapeutic resource in the third age PDF PDF
Milena Vadineia da Silva, Deunice Alves Lima, Thuanny Mikaella da Conceição Silva, Teresa Marly Teles de Carvalho Melo, Valquíria Pereira da Cunha, Maria Nauside Pessoa da Silva 232-238
The comorbidity tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus PDF PDF
Sheylla Nadjane Batista Lacerda, Talina Carla da Silva, Patrícia de Paula Coelho de Araújo, Mayrla Lima Pinto, Tânia Maria Ribeiro Monteiro de Figueiredo 239-247
Food insecurity in families assisted by the family health strategy PDF PDF
Marília Gomes de Sousa Bezerra, Gerardo Vasconcelos Mesquita, Marize Melo dos Santos, Maria do Carmo de Carvalho e Martins, Maria Eliete Batista Moura, Norma Sueli Marques da Costa Alberto. 248-254
Attention to the caregiver of people with mental disorder PDF PDF
Misterly Rabelo de Oliveira Silva, Claudete Ferreira de Souza Monteiro, Eliana Campelo Lago, Fabrício Ibiapina Tapety 255-262
The biopsychosocial changes in women with mastectomy PDF PDF
Stephanie Morais Oliveira, José Jales Azevedo, Kelianny Pinheiro Bezerra, Fátima Raquel Morais, Amélia Carolina Fernandes, Johny Carlos Queiroz 263-272
Care of a fragile elderly by the family PDF PDF
Pamela Scarlatt Oliveira, Luciana Santos Fagundes, Henrique Andrade Barbosa, Aline Soares Santos, Marden Costa Lopes, Fernanda Santos VilasBoas 273-283
Anemia in university women and its association with food consumption PDF PDF
Lilia Maria Monteiro de Oliveira e Silva, Amanda Cristine Ferreira dos Santos, Diego Campêlo da Silva, Rita de Cássia Spíndola Melo Magalhães, Regilda Saraiva dos Reis Moreira Araújo, Marcos Antônio da Mota Araújo 283-288
Aspects of sexual violence against women: profile of the aggressor and the violent act PDF PDF
José Francisco Ribeiro, Wellane Acaciara Andrade Leite 289-295
Burnout syndrome among nursing professionals of intensive units in a public hospital PDF PDF
Thiago Carvalho de Paiva Fonseca, Rosane Mello 296-303
Users’ concepts of a family health strategy related to education and health promotion PDF PDF
Cibele Thomé da Cruz, Mariléia Stübe, Marília Martins, Paula Betina Bock Prass, Eva Teresinha Boff, Eniva Miladi Fernandes Stumm 304-308
Paternity in adolescence: expectations and feelings face to this reality PDF PDF
Meriele Santos Souza, Hellen Dayane Magalhães Silva, Jozimara Rodrigues da Mata, Edilene Oliveira Amaral 309-315
Perception of nursing in relation to the regional council of its category PDF PDF
Andre Luiz Silva Alvim, Renata Lacerda Prata Rocha, Thais Cristina Amorim Tadeu 316-324
Prevalence of community infections diagnosed in the family health strategy PDF PDF
Layze Braz de Oliveira, Andréia Rodrigues Moura da Costa Valle, Rosilane de Lima Brito Magalhães, Daniela Furtado Rodrigues de Andrade, Álvaro Francisco Lopes de Sousa, Artur Acelino Francisco Luz Nunes Queiroz 325-332

Integrative literature review

Profile of infections in hospitalized patients with stroke: an integrative review PDF PDF
Flavia Mendes de Sá, Cassiana Mendes Bertoncello Fontes, Alessandro Lia Mondelli 333-340

Reflective analysis

Actions for coping domestic violence against children and teenagers: a reflective analysis PDF PDF
Jane Kelly Oliveira Friestino 341-346

Case report

Playful activities in school scenario for drug use prevention: nurses experiences PDF PDF
Elisabeta Albertina Nietsche, Silomar Ilha, Glaucia Dal Omo Nicola, Márcia Gabriela Rodrigues de Lima 347-351
Application of the nursing theory of Callista Roy to the patient with cerebral vascular accident PDF PDF
Cecília Passos Vaz da Costa, Maria Helena Barros Araújo Luz, Alessandra Kelly Freire Bezerra, Silvana Santiago da Rocha 352-360
Educational technology on care to elderly with dementia: experience report PDF PDF
Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Raquel dos Santos de Queiroz 361-365

Note preview

Entrepreneurship in nursing public university management PDF PDF
Fernanda Hannah da Silva Copelli, José Luís Guedes dos Santos, Alacoque Lorenzini Erdmann 366-370
Coping profile and quality of life of pre and post-kidney transplant patients PDF PDF
Diego Silveira Siqueira, Ana Elizabeth Prado Lima Figueiredo, Bartira Ercília Pinheiro da Costa, Fernando Riegel 371-374
Occupational environmental influence for use of psychoactive substances among nurses PDF PDF
Alessandro Rolim Scholze, Júlia Trevisan Martins 375-378

ISSN: 1981-8963