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The Journal of Nursing UFPE on line [JNUOL] - Qualis Capes B2 Nursing is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Master in Nursing Program, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. The Journal focuses on aspects of nursing related to undergraduate and graduate nursing programs and enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing.

The purpose of JNUOL is to advance nursing leadership in health care, with a focus on tomorrow, by providing information and thoughtful analyses of content and emerging best practices in health care.

The JNUOL utilizes the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software, a journal management and publishing system for online management for each stage of publishing. Subscription is free. Manuscripts should follow the style of the Vancouver agreement detailed in the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors' revised 'Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publications', as presented at

The JNUOL publishes different types of papers (Editorial, Experiment Report, Reflection, Free Theme, Literary Review, Abstracts of Thesis/Dissertations, Preview Note), but in special Original Research all written or translated into the English and/or Spanish languages. Each manuscript is twice evaluated, before acceptance.

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The Journal is affiliated to the Brazilian Association of Science Editors - ABEC. Its abbreviated title is J Nurs UFPE on line./Rev enferm UFPE on line. which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.

Publication ethics and malpractice statement

As part of our efforts to improve the quality of the journal, we would like to emphasize the importance of maintaining high ethical standards when publishing articles in << Journal Nursing UFPE on line >>.

In our publishing activity we rely upon regulations from Brazilian Association of Science Editors – ABEC: We also work on adhering to international publication ethics and publication malpractice statement (composed using the Publishing ethics resource kit and in compliance with Elsevier recommendations can be found here:



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Table of Contents


Fundamental rights for the exercise of the sexuality of disabled persons PDF PDF
Carla Andrea Alves, Firley Poliana da Silva Lucia, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Evaluative scale construction of risk to falls for elderly non-institutionalized PDF PDF
Lucelia Terra Jonas, José Vitor Silva, Maria Angélica Mendes 7977-7985
Correlation between the sociodemographic and academic profile and ways of entrance at graduation in nursing PDF
Cássio de Almeida Lima, Maria Aparecida Vieira, Fernanda Marques da Costa, Jucimere Fagundes Durães Rocha, Orlene Veloso Dias 7986-7994
Knowledge and actions of community health workers for preventing congenital syphilis PDF PDF
Marilene Alves Oliveira Guanabara, Fábio Alves Oliveira, Maria Alix Leite Araújo, Valéria Lima Barros, Bruna Sousa Bezerra, Milene Cavalcante Bezerra 7995-8001
Limits and possibilities for effective humanized assistance in the perception of health professionals PDF PDF
Ellany Gurgel Cosme do Nascimento, Mariana de Morais Fortunato, Andrezza Karine Araújo de Medeiros Pereira, Felipe Nunes de Miranda, Janieiry Lima de Araújo, Graça Rocha Pessoa 8002-8011
Epidemiological profile of hiv/aids infection related to occupational activity PDF PDF PDF
Renata Regina de Lima, Marcos Jonathan Lino dos Santos, Maria da Conceição Cavalcanti de Lira, Suzana de Oliveira Mangueira, Simara Lopes Cruz Damásio 8012-8018
Recognizing the experiences lived by mothers of risk infants admitted to the kangaroo nursing PDF PDF
Nataly Barbosa Alves Borghesan, Annelise Haracemiw, Sirlene Ferreira, Darci Aparecida Martins Corrêa, Ieda Harumi Hiragashi, Maria de Fátima Garcia Lopes Merino 8019-8028
Pregnancy and sexuality: implications in marital relationship PDF PDF
Debora Matos Guimarães, Zulmerinda Meira Oliveira 8029-8037
Nursing education and its complexity: a matter of competence PDF
Cláudio José Souza, Geilsa Soraia Cavalcanti Valente 8038-8043
Effect of a pressure ulcer prevention protocol in elderly PDF PDF
Gerídice Andrade Moraes, Cíntia Lira Borges, Edmara Teixeira Oliveira, Marcos Oliveira Lopes, Maria Josefina Silva 8044-8053
Occurrence of stress in nurses in hospital environment PDF PDF
Lauro Geovane Morais Rodrigues, Johny Carlos de Queiroz, Lúcideo Clebeson de Oliveira, Rejane Maria Paiva de Menezes, Gleyce Any Freire de Lima 8054-8058
Greater risk pregnancy assessment and diagnosis in the family health strategy
Daniela do Carmo Oliveira, Edir Nei Teixeira Mandú 8059-8070
Nasal prongs in premature newborns: perspective in nursing care PDF PDF
Talita Nunes dos Santos, Ana Alice Guimarães Costa, Celso da Silva Gomes 8071-8078
Graduation in nursing: an analysis of the curriculum from a gender perspective PDF PDF
Sheila Milena Pessoa dos Santos, Eulina Maria Pessoa Carvalho 8079-8087
The care integrated to family and community in the view of professionals from a psychiatric hospital PDF PDF
Emanuele Seicenti de Brito, Heloisa França Badagnan, Carla Arena Ventura 8088-8096
Burnout and the relationship with job stress in community health agents PDF PDF
Marcos Antonio Nunes de Araujo, Susan Lyne Miranda de Oliveira, Silvana Dias Corrêa Godoi, Katiusci Colman Magalhães Schirmann, Fabiani Weiss Pereira, Wilson Danilo Lunardi Filho 8097-8102
Documentary analysis of written media on adverse events occurring in practice nursing PDF PDF
Rosane Teresinha Fontana, Juliana Wolf, Francisco Carlos Pinto Rodrigues, Luciéle Machado de Castro 8103-8110

Integrative literature review

Use of a bundle for central line care in neonatal and pediatric intensive care units: an integrative review PDF PDF
Bruna Figueiredo Manzo, Allana dos Reis Corrêa, Lorena Lacerda Merlo Rocha, Stefania Barros, Mariana Bueno, Maria Aparecida Veloso 8111-8122

Case report

Prevention of misuse of psychoactive substances among children and adolescents PDF PDF
Nauã Rodrigues de Souza, Lygia Maria Pereira da Silva, Maria Aparecida Beserra, Ana Virgínia Rodrigues Veríssimo, Janaina Pacheco Lima, Laisa Veras dos Santos 8123-8129
The use of optical plethysmography for evaluation of arterial pulse: an experience report PDF PDF
Rulio Glecias Marçal, Solange Silva Lima, Bikterline Lana Freitas 8130- 8134
Permanent education in primary health care management in the brazilian public health system PDF PDF
Amanda de Souza Lima, Fernanda Vieira Nicolato, Herica Silva Dutra, Maria Tereza Ramos Bahia, Beatriz Francisco Farah 8135-8145

Book review

Maternal and neonatal health PDF PDF
Jovanka Bittencourt Leite Carvalho, Gracimary Alves Teixeira, Thaís Rosental Gabriel Lopes 8146-8147

ISSN: 1981-8963