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Vol 10, No 7 (2016)

Table of Contents


Violence against children and teens PDF
Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Hospital services of risk management and implications for management of nursing care PDF PDF
Mariana Correia Cadete Nogueira, Lucilane Maria Sales da Silva, Roberta Meneses Oliveira, Aurora Pinheiro do Vale, Raimundo Augusto Martins Torres, Maria Rocineide Ferreira da Silva 2294-2301
Profile of the population affected by acute myocardial infarction PDF PDF
Isabella Félix Meira Araújo, Isleide Santana Cardoso Santos, Agnes Claudine Fontes de La Longuiniere, Paulo da Fonsêca Valença Neto, Thainara Araujo Franklin 2302-2309
Perceptions and expectations of drug users about an adult non-governmental host service PDF PDF
Marcus Luciano de Oliveira Tavares, Amanda Marcia dos Santos Reinaldo 2310-2318
Risk factors for breast cancer: knowledge by a group of obese women PDF PDF
Camila Padovani, Keli Regiane Tomeleri da Fonseca Pinto, Isabella dos Santos Laqui, Catia Campaner Ferrari Bernardy, Clisia Mara Carreira 2319-2327
Type 1 diabetes mellitus in adolescents: from diagnosis to the daily contact with the illness PDF PDF
Braulio Vieira de Sousa Borges, Jose Cláudio Garcia Lira Neto, Lariza Martins Falcão, Andréa Pereira da Silva, Roberto Wagner Júnior Freire de Freitas 2328-2335
Assistance to patients in the final phase of life or under palliative care is inadequate: nurses view PDF PDF
Karla Alexsandra de Albuquerque 2336-2344
Analysis of the records of assistance provided to burned patients in a unit of emergency and urgency PDF PDF
Tainã Eslabão Bartel, Isabel Cristina Saboia-Sturbelle, Jéssica Bazzan, Maria Elena Echevarría-Guanilo, Teila Ceolin 2345-2353
Prevalence of amputations and revascularization by diabetic foot and its features PDF PDF
Isabel Vieira Santos, Eduardo Freese Carvalho, Wayner Vieira de Souza, Emídio Cavalcanti de Albuquerque 2354-2361
Graduate students’ conceptions about quality in nursing care PDF PDF
Magda Mattos, Suellen Rodrigues de Oliveira Maier, Gustavo Henrique Pimentel Matos, Raiane Gomes Fernandes 2362-2368
Software evaluation to pressure ulcer risk and evolution in intensive terapheutic care PDF PDF
Aglécia Moda Vitoriano, Magda Cristina Queiroz Dell’Acqua, Camila Polo Camargo da Silva, Juliana da Silva Oliveira, Meire Cristina Novelli e Castro 2369-2375
Providing assistance to users of drugs of abuse victims of violence: nurses experience of a first-aid post PDF PDF
Lais Fernanda Fernanda Ferreira da Silva, Michele Cristina Santos Silvino, Magda Lúcia Félix de Oliveira 2376-2385
Eye care to the newborn subjected to phototherapy: knowing the nursing practice PDF PDF
Paula Alencar Gonçalves, Rossana Teotonio de Farias Moreira, Ingrid Martins Leite Lúcio, Mércia Lisieux Vaz da Costa Mascarenhas, Cátia Barros Lisboa, Leticia Oliveira de Melo 2386-2394
Utilização de medidas não farmacológicas pela equipe de enfermagem para alívio da dor neonatal PDF PDF
Luana Cavalcante Costa, Mariana Gonzaga de Souza, Erika Maria Araújo Barbosa Sena, Mércia Lisieux Vaz da Costa Mascarenhas, Rossana Teotônio de Farias Moreira, Ingrid Martins Leite Lúcio 2395-2403
Laser therapy in prevention and treatment of oral mucositis in pediatric oncology PDF PDF
William Alves de Melo Júnior, Edvaildo Ferreira da Silva Júnior, Andrea Abreu Calista, Jéssica Morgana Almeida Monteiro, Igor Prokopowitsch 2404-2411
Humanization permeating newborn nursing care PDF PDF
Flavia Andrade Fialho, Iêda Maria Ávila Vargas Dias, Rosangela da Silva Santos, Leila Rangel da Silva, Marli Salvador 2412-2419
Newborn screening for congenital heart disease: perception of rooming-in health professionals PDF PDF
Luana Feitosa de Lacerda, Anne Laura Costa Ferreira, Cátia Barros Lisboa, Ingrid Martins Leite Lúcio, Josielma Cavalcante de Lima Batista, Leticia Oliveira de Melo 2420-2427
Interdisciplinary care to patients with pressure ulcers PDF PDF
Daniglayse Santos Vieira, Isabel Comassetto, Ana Cristina Mancussi Faro, Vera Grácia Neumann Monteiro, Thayse Gomes de Almeida, Karine de Melo Cezar Alves 2428-2435
Intentions of community health agents on the mental health actions PDF PDF
Marcio Wagner Camatta, Cintia Nasi, Jacó Fernando Schneider, Danilo Bertasso Ribeiro, Gustavo Costa de Oliveira 2436-2444
Violence against female sex workers: primary care workers’ conceptions and actions PDF PDF
Marta Cocco da Costa, Ethel Bastos da Silva, Vanessa Bortoli 2445-2452
The process of work of nursing care team continued integrated PDF PDF
Any Karoliny Macena Samudio, Marisa Dias Rolan Loureiro, Marcos Antonio Ferreira Júnior 2453-2462
Everyday’s violence situations against women with hiv/aids: implications for care PDF PDF
Ethel Bastos Silva, Marta Cocco da Costa, Alice do Carmo Janh, Mônica Tábata Heringer Streck 2463-2470
Diabetes melitus clients’ conceptions about the treatment PDF PDF
Joana Angélica Andrade Dias, Roseli Alves Rodrigues, Zenilda Nogueira Sales, Zulmerinda Meira Oliveira, Pablo Ian Gonçalves Nery 2471-2479
Functional capacity and association with sociodemographic aspects of octogenarian PDF PDF
Alexsandro Silva Coura, Rejane Maria Paiva de Menezes, Camila Alves Nogueira, Fabiana Paulino Alves, Dharah Puck Cordeiro Ferreira, Jamilly da Silva Aragão 2480-2487
Therapeutic itineraries of men affected by encephalic vascular accident PDF PDF
Kenia Lara Silva, Rita de Cássia Marques, Marcelo Augusto Castro 2488-2495
Factors associated with the mortality from traumatic brain injury PDF PDF
Bruno Del Sarto Azevedo, Déborah Silva Sande, Paula Peixoto Messias Barreto, Cezar Augusto Casotti, Adriana Alves Nery 2496-2503
Socioeconomic and epidemiological profile of elderly residents in long term care facilities PDF PDF
Caique Veloso, Ana Angélica Oliveira de Brito, Lana de Pinho Rodrigues, Lorena Uchôa Portela Veloso 2504-2512
Changes with the creation of the unified health system: oral life history PDF PDF
Mayara Dantas de Oliveira, Cecília Nogueira Valença, Ana Lúcia de França Medeiros, Héllyda de Souza Bezerra, Gleyce Any Freire de Lima 2513-2519
Self-assessment of physical health among users of psychosocial care network PDF PDF
Vanda Maria da Rosa Jardim, Michele Mandagrá de Oliveira, Luciane Prado Kantorski, Mariana Luchese Vasem, Elitiele Ortiz dos Santos, Adriane Domingues Eslabão 2520-2527
Clinical epidemiological features of new tuberculosis cases PDF PDF
Heuler Souza Andrade, Júlia Lamese Amaral, Déborah Francielle da Fonseca, Valéria Conceição Oliveira, Tarcísio Laerte Gontijo, Eliete Albano de Azevedo Guimarães 2528-2536
Adherence observational study of health professionals to hands hygiene protocol PDF PDF
Priscila de Oliveira Melo, Lays Nogueira Miranda, Patrícia de Carvalho Nagliate, Ruth Cizino da Trindade, Sabrina Felizardo Neves, Daniel Antunes Freitas, Eveline Lucena Vasconcelos 2537-2543
The pleasure and distress of men working in health services PDF PDF PDF
Jadson Oliveira Rodrigues, Elaine Andrade Leal Silva 2544-2554
Factors related to the nursing undergraduate’s quality of life PDF PDF
Cássio de Almeida Lima, Maria Aparecida Vieira, Fernanda Marques da Costa, Jucimere Fagundes Durães Rocha, Orlene Veloso Dias 2555-2563
Characterization of work related disorders PDF PDF
Adaiana Silva Tavares, Lorena Uchôa Portela Veloso, Icla Caroline Barreto Silva, Laelson Rochelle Milanês Sousa, Gilmar Alves Sousa 2564-2571
Ways of weaving relationships of care in the chronic situation of the illness PDF PDF
Elen Petan, Laura Filomena Santos de Araújo, Roseney Bellato 2572-2581
Quality of life of caregivers of elderly people linked to a home care program PDF PDF
Francine Melo da Costa, Priscila Tadei Nakata, Anemarie Raymundo Brocker, Lisiane Manganelli Girardi Paskulin, Eliane Pinheiro de Morais 2582-2588
Quality of life of health sciences students: similarities and differences PDF PDF PDF
Solange Baraldi, Luciana Neves da Silva Bampi, Dirce Guilhem, Margarete Marques Lino, Ana Carolina de Oliveira Campos 2589-2594
Profile of patients admitted in a cardiovascular hospital PDF PDF
Aline Simões Moizés, Celia Hiromi Shiotsu, Magali Hiromi Takashi 2595-2603
Continuing education in a material and sterilization center: perception of the nursing team PDF PDF
Isadora Pereira Farias, Caroline Monte Caldas, Lays Nogueira Miranda, Patrícia de Carvalho Nagliate, Daniel Antunes Freitas, Eveline Lucena Vasconcelos 2604-2610
Depression, drug addiction, ideation and suicide attempt among nursery students PDF PDF
Nadja Cristiane Lappann Botti, Aline Moreira Cunha Monteiro, Maria Luísa Nogueira Benjamim, Letícia Costa Queiroz 2611-2616
Sensitive primary conditions: brazilian panorama in 2013 PDF PDF
Francilene Jane Rodrigues Pereira, Cesar Cavalcanti da Silva, Eufrasio de Andrade Lima Neto 2617-2623
Implications of the physical structure of family health units in work dynamics PDF PDF
Bruna Riechel Strehlow, Rosane Teresinha Fontana 2624-2633
Active search for leprosy through health education among riverside populations PDF PDF
Nahima Castelo Albuquerque, Lorena Castro Portal, Ivaneide Leal Ataíde Rodrigues, Laura Maria Vidal Nogueira 2634-2640
Quality of clinical indicators standards in hemodialysis PDF PDF
Rafaella Felix Serafim Veras, Christielle Lidianne Alencar Marinho, Tiago José Silveira Teólfilo, Valkenia Alves Silva, Rafaela de Melo Araújo Moura 2641-2649

Clinical case report

Contributions of the singular therapeutic project in sickle cell anemia in a regional hospital: a case report PDF PDF
Dharah Puck Cordeiro Ferreira, Pollyanna Brandão Bezerra, Anna Flávia Cumaru Duque, Veroneide Batista da Silva, Elisângela Ramos Castanha 2650-2655

Integrative literature review

The distance education in teaching and nursing practice: integrative review PDF PDF
Johnata da Cruz Matos, Raíza Rana de Souza Lima, Camila Ribeiro Galdino Nakata, Alaíde Francisca de Castro, Henrique Coimbra Guimarães, André Ribeiro da Silva 2656-2668
Art stat on the nursing action during the prenatal: integrative revision PDF PDF
Cleide Estela dos Alfing, Eniva Miladi Fernandes Stumm, Eva Teresinha Boff 2669-2678
Nursing diagnosis in postoperative cardiac surgery: integrative review PDF PDF
Evelyn Morais Clemente, Bárbara Coeli Oliveira da Silva, Vinicius Lino de Souza Neto, Sueleide Cristina Dantas, Alberiza Veras de Albuquerque, Richardson Augusto Rosendo da Silva 2679-2686
Vulnerability of the health of nursing professionals acting in the hospital setting: integrative review PDF PDF
Leila de Cássia Tavares da Fonsêca, Ericka Silva Holmes, Ericka Silva Holmes, Tarciane Marinho Albuquerque, Sérgio Ribeiro dos Santos 2687-2695
Nurses’ working condition in family health strategy: integrative review PDF PDF
Flavia Pedro dos Anjos Santos, Vanessa Cristina de Almeida Viana, Adriana Alves Nery, Juliana da Silva Oliveira, Clara Lúcia Santos de Almeida 2696-2707
Challenges for hospice care in primary health care: integrative review literature PDF PDF
Fernando Ribeiro dos Santos, Aires Garcia dos Santos Junior, Juliana Dias Reis Pessalacia 2708-2719

Reflective analysis

(Lack of)Care in terminality, paliative care and the necessary reform of thought PDF PDF
Karen Knopp de Carvalho, Valéria Lerch Lunardi, Priscila Arruda da Silva, Tânia Cristina Schäfer Vasques, Simone Coelho Amestoy 2720-2730
Professors’ reflections on hospital teaching during the supervised academic internship PDF PDF
Lucimeire Carvalho, Célia Maria Costa Regebe, Ana Carla Petersen de Oliveira Santos 2731-2736
Analysis of the elderly family care concept PDF PDF
Luciana Krauss Rezende, Selma Petra Chaves Sá, Célia Pereira Caldas 2737-2746


Production about the health of the gatherer of recyclable materials: a study of trends PDF PDF
Alexa Pupiara Flores Coelho, Carmem Lúcia Colomé Beck 2747-2755

Case report

Caring for the carers in the workplace: case studies PDF PDF
Luciano Silva Pimentel, Wesley Marques Souza, Daniela de Mello Oliveira, Elaine Andrade Leal Silva, Mariana Borge e Silva 2756-2761
Volunteering in the United States of America: an experience report PDF
Wania Maria Ramos, Paula Amaral Mussumeci, Beatriz Gerbassi Costa Aguiar, Sandra Maria Amaral Chaves 2762-2766

Note preview

Predisposition to the adverse events in intensive care unit PDF PDF
isabel Comassetto, Gustavo Henrique de Oliveira Maia, Karla Mariana Cabral dos Santos, Karine de Melo Cezar Alves, Thayse Gomes de Almeida 2767-2769
Algorithm construction on psychic suffering for decision making of nurses of primary care PDF PDF
Keysse Suélen Fidelis de Mesquita, Maria Cicera dos Santos de Albuquerque, Patrícia de Carvalho Nagliate 2770-2773
The family experience in the process of organ transplant reception PDF PDF
isabel Comassetto, Eveline Lucena Vasconcelos, Thayse Gomes de Almeida, Rosangela de Oliveira Fonseca, Nedja da silva Araújo, Patricia de Carvalho Nagliate 2774-2777
School health promotion: nursing consultation as disorders prevention strategy PDF PDF
Simone Carvalho Neves, Luciana Miranda Rodrigues, Paulo Alexandre São Bento 2778-2781

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