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Dear authors inform you that due to the large number of articles submitted, we are temporarily allowing only the submission of articles on randomized clinical trials, meta-analyses systematic reviews, observational studies in epidemiology and qualitative studies, as well as by stimulating authors to use international guidelines in the preparation of manuscripts. The international guidelines consist of checklists and flow charts available in the CONSORT, PRISMA, STROBE and COREQ declarations.

. Randomized clinical trial - CONSORT (checklist  and flow chart).
. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses - PRISMA (checklist and flow chart).
. Observational studies in epidemiology – STROBE (checklist)
. Qualitative studies - COREQ (checklist).

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Prof. Dr. Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo RN, MSN, PhD

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Vol 10, No 4 (2016): ISSUE SUPPLEMENTARY

Table of Contents


Vulnerability, sexuality and mental disorder PDF
Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Validation of ICNP® nursing results for assistance to patients in the postpartum period PDF PDF
Walnizia Kessia Batista Olegário, Leiliane Teixeira Bento Fernandes, Cláudia Maria Ramos Medeiros 3507-3516
Resistance strategies of nursing professionals before newborn death situations PDF PDF
Aline Belletti Figueira, Edison Luiz Devos Barlem, Jamila Gere Tomaschewski Barlem, Marilandi Melo Antunes, Aline Marcelino Ramos, Liliane Alves Pereira 3517-3523
Four pillars of education for the twenty-first century in the continuing education of health professionals PDF PDF
Vanusa Nascimento Sabino Neves, Emília Maria da Trindade Prestes, Raquel do Nascimento Sabino, Maria do Livramento Neves Silva, Adriana Gonçalves de Barros 3524-3530
Women’s knowledge about the different positions for labour: a contribution for caring PDF PDF
Lorena Sabbadini da Silva, Diva Cristina Morett Romano Leão, Amanda Fernandes do Nascimento da Cruz, Valdecyr Herdy Alves, Diego Pereira Rodrigues, Carina Bulcão Pinto 3531-3536
Stress and coping strategies of women in preoperative period of valve surgery PDF PDF
Gabriela Feitosa Esplendori, Rika Miyahara Kobayashi, Estela Regina Ferraz Bianchi 3537-3547
Concepts and interventions on mental health in the perspective of family health strategy professionals PDF PDF
Alanna Drescher, Juliane Elis Both, Leila Mariza Hildebrandt, Marinês Tambara Leite, Solange Maria Schmidt Piovesan 3548-3559
The puerperal woman hospitalized facing the prevention of pregnancy: possibilities and limits of nursing PDF PDF
Sarah Canelas de Sousa, Diva Cristina Morett Romano Leão, Bianca Dargam Gomes Vieira, Valdecyr Herdy Alves, Diego Pereira Rodrigues, Amanda Fernandes do Nascimento da Cruz 3560-3566
Occupational accident pre and post-implementation of safety devices in perforating-cutting instruments in a hospital PDF PDF
Ana Caroline Fengler, Eniva Miladi Stumm, Christiane de Fátima Colet 3567-3575
Nursing diagnosis of school adolescents PDF PDF
Francisca Kessiana Freitas Leal, Maria Imaculada Lourenço Meirú, Francisco Mardones dos Santos Bernardo, Cristianne Soares Chaves, Ana Debora Assis Moura, Emilia Soares Chaves Rouberte 3576-3584
Hand hygiene: its effects on infection indices and hospital costs PDF PDF
Sandra Beatriz Pedra Branca Dourado 3585-3592
Perception of nurses of teams of family health practices on educational development in orthopedics and traumatology PDF PDF
Gutembergue Santos Sousa, Maria Goreth Silva Ferreira, Kátia Cristina Muradas da Costa Monroe 3593-3600
Fournier syndrome: perception of the subjects in relation to the experience with the disease PDF PDF
Rayane Silva Brito, Paula Aparecida Soriano de Souza Jesuíno Rodrigues, Jandesson Mendes Coqueiro 3601-3607

Integrative literature review

Quaternary prevention in the management of primary health care: integrative review PDF PDF
Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Danielle Machado Portocarrero Gross, Leandro dos Reis Lage, Donizete Vago Daher, Cristina Portela da Mota 3608-3619
Use of imethylphenidate n medicalization of childhood education: integrative review PDF PDF
Bárbara Santos Ribeiro, Paula Lacerda Leite, Edite Lago da Silva Sena, Rita Narriman Silva de Oliveira Boery, Sérgio Donha Yarid 3620-3630
Qualidade de vida dos idosos com doença de alzheimer: uma revisão integrativa PDF PDF
Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Cíntia Raquel da Costa de Assis 3631-3645

Reflective analysis

Human error and safety culture in approach of the "swiss cheese's" theory: a reflective analysis PDF PDF
Andréa Tayse de Lima Gomes, Micheline da Fonseca Silva, Soraya Helena Medeiros de Morais, Flávia Barreto Tavares Chiavone, Soraya Maria de Medeiros, Viviane Euzébia Pereira Santos 3646-3652
Peplau’s interpersonal relations theory: an evaluation based on Fawcett’s criteria PDF PDF
Mariana André Honorato Franzoi, Karine Cardoso Lemos, Cristine Alves Costa de Jesus, Diana Lúcia Moura Pinho, Ivone Kamada, Paula Elaine Diniz dos Reis 3653-3661
Selection of Bach flowers for improving sleep quality PDF PDF
Sheila Katia Cozin Nosow, Maria Filomena Ceolim 3662-3668
ABSTRACT Objective: to promote epistemological reflections on nursing science and critical thinking. Method: descriptive study, reflective-type essay, produced from readings of classic books that deal with the philosophy of science and scientific articles PDF PDF
Joana Angélica Andrade Dias, Helena Maria Scherlowski Leal David, Octavio Muniz da Costa Vargens 3669-3675
Contextual aspects of family participation in psychosocial care centers PDF PDF
Clecio Andre Alves da Silva Maia, Kalyane Kelly Duarte de Oliveira, Clara Tavares Rangel, João Mário Pessoa Júnior, Rafaella Leite Fernandes, Francisco Arnoldo Nunes de Miranda 3676-3681
The tutoring in nursing through distance education: a reflective approach PDF PDF
Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Gláucio Diré Feliciano, Bruna Silva Leite 3682-3687


Vulnerability of patients under specific precautions for infectious diseases PDF PDF
Luize Fábrega Juskevicius, Maria Clara Padoveze 3688-3693

Case report

Mariza Gandolfi, Cheila Karei Siega, Letícia Maria Rostirolla, Maria Elisabeth Kleba, Liane Colliselli 3694-3703
Implementation of the reference service of violence against children and young people: an experience report PDF PDF
Betânia Machado Faraco Oliveira, Donizete Vago Daher 3704-3709
Nursing consultations for the elderly in primary care in international student exchange: experience report PDF PDF
Bruna Silva Leite, Willian Alves dos Santos, Geilsa Soraia Cavalcanti Valente, Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Patrícia dos Santos Claro Fuly 3710-3715

Note preview

The body in educational training - socioclinical analysis of institutional practices of nursing faculty PDF PDF
Thaís Botelho Sampaio, Lucia Cardoso Mourão, Ana Clementina Vieira de Almeida 3716-3719

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