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Prof. Dr. Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo RN, MSN, PhD

Posted: 2017-01-23 More...
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Vol 11, No 1 (2017): ISSUE SUPPLEMENTARY

Table of Contents


Lesbian and bisexual: invisibility in the field of health PDF
Firley Poliana da Silva Lúcio, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Guidance groups for caregivers of elderly people with dementia: results of the strategy PDF
Mirian da Costa Lindolpho, Carolina de Aragão Gualter, Selma Petra Chaves Sá, Geilsa Soraia Cavalcante Valente, Thiara Joana Joana Peçanha da Cruz, Bianca Gonçalves Albuquerque 247-253
Quality of life of caregivers at a home care service PDF
Heloísa Silva Guerra, Nilza Alves Marques Almeida, Marta Rovery de Souza, Ruth Minamisava, Gabriela Camargo Tobias 254-263
Identifying risk factors for Hypertension in public school teachers PDF
Aline de Alcântara Correia, Michelle Lima, Adriana Lira Rufino de Lucena, Cesar Cavalcanti da Silva 264-271
Overloading of elderly caregivers in home care service PDF
Flavia Souza Rosa Brandao, Bruna Gabrielle de Souza Costa, Zilda do Rego Cavalcanti, Mirella Rebello Bezerra, Luiz Claudio Arraes de Alencar, Márcia Carrera Campos Leal 272-279
Quality of life of patients with mucopolysaccharidosis PDF
Bruna Gabrielle de Souza Costa, Themístoclys Thesko Correia Ferreira, Saulo Emanoel de Oliveira Freitas, Marcelo Soares Kerstenetzky, Nahãmi Cruz de Lucena 280-286
Pressure ulcer in intensive therapy unit: epidemiological study PDF
Francislene Fatima Cordeiro Petz, Karla Crozeta, Marineli Joaquim Meier, Bruna Eloise Lenhani, Luciana Puchalski Kalinke, Franciele Soares Pott 287-295
Home care for the elderly in the family health strategy: perspectives on the care organization PDF
Emanoel Avelar Muniz, Cibelly Aliny Siqueira Lima Freitas, Eliany Nazaré Oliveira, Maria Ribeiro Lacerda 296-302
Perception of caregivers about the assistance to patients under household enteral nutrition PDF
Mirna Rossi Barbossa-Medeiros, Luzia da Rocha Pereira, Robsmar Silva Ferreira, Mariza Alves Barbosa Teles, Karla Chistiane Freitas Oliveira 303-308
Meanings of being a family caregiver in a psychiatric hospitalization unit PDF
Derivânia Vieira Castelo Branco, Bruna Dayane Rocha Maranhão, Vanessa Emille Carvalho de Sousa 309-318
Correlation of clinical, laboratory and electrocardiographic data with coronary obstructive lesions in acute coronary syndrome PDF
Vinicius Batista Santos, Camila Takáo Lopes, Juliana de Lima Lopes, Alba Lúcia Bottura Leite de Barros 319-326
Evaluation of the sociodemographic and nutritional profile in the difference between men and women old ingressants in the university program open for maturity PDF
Aline Larriane dos Santos, Nilzemar Ribeiro de Souza, Vívian Freitas Silva Braga Silveira, Saula Goulart Chaud, Camila Belfort Piantino, Lucas Ribeiro Souza 327-333
Experiences and impressions of health professionals about possible causes of fetal loss PDF
Camila Amthauer 334-340
Management of work in basic health units PDF
Raquel Mendes Celedonio, Martha Campos Moura Fé, Ana Hérica de Lima Mendes, Ana Helini de Lima Mendes, Tárcia Luna de Freitas Chaves 341-350
Prevalence and concern to the risk of falls in community elderly people PDF
Kay Francis Leal Vieira, Rodrigo Vergetti Baía, Adriana Lira Rufino de Lucena, Anna Raquel Temoteo Delgado, Ludmila Barbosa Oliveira 351-357
Child hospitalization: child living from graphical representations PDF
Tarsilia Salvador Costa, Aisiane Cedraz Morais 358-367
Prevent not to have: evaluating the knowledge of men about the prevention of prostate cancer PDF
Pâmela Scarlatt Durães Oliveira, Rodrigo Marques Batista da Rocha, Vanessa Maia da Silva Nunes Aguiar, Henrique Andrade Barbosa, Jaqueline D`Paula Ribeiro Vieira Torres 368-373
Trend of mortality from external causes in elderly PDF
Érica Assunção Carmo, Tuany Santos Souza, Adriana Alves Nery, Alba Benemérita Alves Vilela, Ismar Eduardo Martins Filho 374-382
Complaints of osteomuscular problems in enhancement and improvements in a teaching hospital PDF
Luciano Garcia Lourenção, Natália Ferreira Sanches, Thais Natália Todesco, Zaida Aurora Sperli Geraldes Soler 383-392

Integrative literature review

Nursing care for the elderly in the family health strategy: integrative review PDF
Priscila Tadei Nakata, Francine Melo da Costa, Carolina Dea Bruzamolin 393-402
Sleep and nursing care in adults in coronary units: integrative review PDF
Juliana Prado Biani, Erika Christiane Marocco Duran 403-409
Permanent education in health and vaccination activities: integration review PDF
Suellen Gomes Barbosa Assad, Marcos Paulo Fonseca Corvino, Silvia Cristina Pereira dos Santos, Elaine Antunes Cortez, Florseny Leonardo de Souza 410-421
Sleep changes and interference in quality of life in aging PDF
Kézia Katiane Medeiros Silva, Gleyce Any Freire de Lima, Rafaella Guilherme Gonçalves, Rejane Maria Paiva de Menezes, Milva Maria Figueiredo De Martino 422-428
An Analysis of Mortality from Accidents at Work in Brazil: Integrative Review PDF
Juliane da Silveira Jasmim, Lauanna Malafaia da Silva, Elaine Antunes Cortez, Gisella de Carvalho Queluci 429-437

Reflective analysis

A educação popular e a fusão dos diferentes saberes nas práticas educativas em saúde PDF
Camila Amthauer 438-441

Case report

The reality of theoretical-practical activities in the perception of nursing academics: experience report PDF
Sarah Soares Barbosa, Priscilla de Souza Kreusch, Júlia Rodrigues Lenz, Patrícia Ilha 442-448
Family approach in primary care in mental health: experience report PDF
Franciele Fagundes Fonseca, Marisa Carvalho Martins, Jaqueline Lima de Oliveira, Cláudia Danyella Alves Leão, Carlos Alberto Quintão Rodrigues, Helena Maria Duarte de Oliveira 449-457
Paradigms of operation of the unified health system: perception of a participant of VER SUS PDF
Vanessa Lôbo de Carvalho, Carilane Barreto da Silva 458-461
Breastfeeding in the immediate puerperium: experience report of the implementation of the nursing process PDF
Edlamar Kátia Adamy, Priscila Lirio Lopes, Mayara Palma Goulart, Jucimar Frigo, Silvana dos Santos Zanotelli 462-469
Health in rounds: intersectoral experience between health and education PDF
Suellen Gomes Barbosa Assad, Silvia Cristina Pereira dos Santos, Elaine Antunes Cortez, Marcos Paulo Fonseca Corvino, Florseny Leonardo de Souza, Lauanna Malafaia da Silva 470-473

Note preview

The vulnerability of caregivers of elderly people with dementia: cross-sectional descriptive study PDF
Bruna Silva Leite, Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho 474-478
Quality of life in the elderly with leg ulcers: previous note PDF
Ana Paula Cardoso Tavares, Selma Petra Chaves Sá 479-482

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