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The Journal of Nursing UFPE on line [JNUOL] - Qualis Capes B2 Nursing is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Master in Nursing Program, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. The Journal focuses on aspects of nursing related to undergraduate and graduate nursing programs and enhances the teaching-learning process, promotes curriculum development, and stimulates creative innovation and research in nursing.

The purpose of JNUOL is to advance nursing leadership in health care, with a focus on tomorrow, by providing information and thoughtful analyses of content and emerging best practices in health care.

The JNUOL utilizes the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software, a journal management and publishing system for online management for each stage of publishing. Subscription is free. Manuscripts should follow the style of the Vancouver agreement detailed in the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors' revised 'Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publications', as presented at

The JNUOL publishes different types of papers (Editorial, Experiment Report, Reflection, Free Theme, Literary Review, Abstracts of Thesis/Dissertations, Preview Note), but in special Original Research all written or translated into the English and/or Spanish languages. Each manuscript is twice evaluated, before acceptance.

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The Journal is affiliated to the Brazilian Association of Science Editors - ABEC. Its abbreviated title is J Nurs UFPE on line./Rev enferm UFPE on line. which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, references and bibliographic strips.

Publication ethics and malpractice statement

As part of our efforts to improve the quality of the journal, we would like to emphasize the importance of maintaining high ethical standards when publishing articles in << Journal Nursing UFPE on line >>.

In our publishing activity we rely upon regulations from Brazilian Association of Science Editors – ABEC: We also work on adhering to international publication ethics and publication malpractice statement (composed using the Publishing ethics resource kit and in compliance with Elsevier recommendations can be found here:



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Table of Contents


Homosexuality in society PDF PDF
Natália Oliveira de Freitas, Josueida de Carvalho Sousa, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Nursing diagnoses for patients with oncologic pain based on the ICNP® PDF PDF
Marisaulina Wanderley Abrantes, Maria Miriam Lima Nóbrega 253-260
Health and disease: opinions and needs perceived in the prison system PDF PDF
Mayara Lima Barbosa, Gabriela Maria Cavalcanti Costa, Suely Deysny de Matos Celino 261-270
Context of a research: reflections on occupational psychic suffering PDF PDF
Rúbia Mara Maia Feitosa, Lia Carneiro Silveira, Arisa Nara Saldanha de Almeida 271-279
Profile of dissertations composing the line of research "Technological development in health and nursing" PDF PDF
Kisna Yasmin Andrade Alves, Pétala Tuani Candido de Oliveira Salvador, Viviane Euzébia Pereira Santos, Cristina Katya Torres Teixeira Mendes 280-287
Violence against women: facts and contexts of police reports PDF PDF
Cibelle Tiphane de Sousa Costa, Eliany Nazaré Oliveira, Silvinha de Sousa Costa, Tamires Alexandre Félix, Suzana Mara Cordeiro Eloia, Francisco Diogenes dos Santos 288-295
Guidelines for nursing and implications for the quality of life of stomized people PDF PDF
Samira Negreiros Mendonça, Camila Cruz Lameira, Norma Valéria Dantas de Oliveira Souza, Carolina Cabral Pereira da Costa, Vanessa Cristina Maurício, Patrícia Alves dos Santos Silva 296-304
Late effects on the quality of life of pulmonary chronic disease carriers after pulmonary rehabilitation PDF PDF
Dáversom Bordin Canterle, Marilise Beatris dos Santos, Cássia Cinara da Costa, Kelly Furlanetto, Maria Lúcia Rodrigues Langone, Caroline Colombo 305-311
Atuação de enfermeiros na atenção às mulheres no climatério PDF PDF
Canã Borba da Silva, Grasiele Fátima Busnello, Edlamar Kátia Adamy, Silvana dos Santos Zanotelli 312-318
Physical and psychological burden of caregivers of patients interned in domicile PDF PDF
Diane Maria Scherer Kuhn Lago, Dirce - Guilhem, Janette Arnaldo Sousa, Kamilla Grasielle Nunes da Silva, Thainara Silva Vieira 319-326
Ana Paula Siemens, Juliana Helena Montezeli, Kriscie Kriscianne Venturi 327-335
The popular and official health systems from the viewpoint of faith-based healers PDF PDF
Luanna dos Santos Rocha, Célia Alves Rozendo 336-342
The experience of the family caregiver of a traffic accident victim with functional disability PDF PDF
Isabel Comassetto, Dione Francisca Santos, Ana Cristina Mancussi Faro, Ana Paula Nogueira Magalhães, Elizabeth Moura Soares Souza, Rossana Teotônio de Farias Moreira 343-350
Educational program in health quality of life of individuals with type 2 diabetes: comparative study PDF PDF
Beatriz Carvalho Espindola, Vera Maria Sabóia, Geilsa Soraia Cavalcanti Valente 351-359
Assessment of stress and symptoms presented by nurses in pediatric intensive care units PDF PDF
Márcia Teles de Oliveira Gouveia, Cynthia Roberta Dias Torres, Rosana dos Santos Costa, Maria Lúcia do Carmo Cruz Robazzi 360-367
Health promotion and disease prevention: the knowledge of nursing students PDF PDF
Polyanna Keitte Fernandes Gurgel, Ana Dulce Batista dos Santos, Akemi Iwata Monteiro, Kálya Yasmine Nunes de Lima 368-375
Analysis of dissertations and theses about nursing care in the prevention of pressure ulcer. PDF PDF
Patrícia Naiara Moreira, Camila Fernandes Pereira, Liva Guerra Fernandes, Polyanna Fernandes Gurgel, Francis Vieira Tourinho 376-382
The sight of hospital managers facing the nurses’ functions PDF PDF
Renê Ferreira da Silva Junior, Franciany Grazielly Niza Cardoso, Daymon Dias Alves, Frederico Marques Andrade, Fabianna Catharina Figueiredo Coutinho, Mariza Alves Barbosa Teles 383-390
Adverse reactions related to hematopoietic stem cell infusion PDF PDF
Natália Costa Bezerra Freire, Andrea Bezerra Rodrigues, Paulo César de Almeida, Liduina de Souza Costa, Fernando Barroso Duarte 391-398
The body image of women with mastectomies that participates in the group mama life PDF PDF
Inajara Mirapalhete Canieles, Rosani Manfrin Muniz, Sonia Maria Könzgen Meincke, Simone Coelho Amestoy, Lenicia Cruz Soares 399-404
Perceptions of the family facing discharge of home care dependent patients PDF PDF
Nara Marilene Oliveira Girardon-Perlini, Lisandra Moraes de Oliveira, Naiana Oliveira dos Santos, Mayani Suertegaray Martins, Margrid Beuter, Bruna Vanessa Costa da Rosa 405-413
Breastfeeding: identifying the practice, the benefits and the risk factors for early weaning PDF PDF
Maria Dayana da Silva Macedo, Isolda Maria Torquato, Janaína von Söhsten Trigueiro, Adriana Montenegro de Albuquerque, Maria Benegelania Pinto, Matheus Figueiredo Nogueira 414-423
Clinical triage in the blood donation process: analysis on the refusal of donors PDF PDF
Gean Neiva Teixeira Vieira, Fernanda Erica da Silva Sousa, Deoclecio Oliveira Lima Barbosa, Paulo César de Almeida, Regina Cláudia Melo Dodt, Naracélia Sousa Barbosa Teles 424-430
Marks and damage of violence against children and adolescents according to public hospitals professsionals PDF PDF
Rebeca Pinheiro de Santana, Judith Sena da Silva Santana 431-439
Men’s health in primary care: an analysis about the profile and harms to health PDF PDF
Vagna Cristina Leite da Silva Pereira, marcia Maria Marques Pereira, Edna Samara Ribeiro Cézar, Luanna Silva Braga, Lawrencita Limeira Espínola, Elisangela Braga Azevedo 440-447
Analysis of records referred to the water balance in intensive care unit PDF PDF
Shana Marques Netto, Zoe Terezinha Pereira Victoria, Luís Fernando Guerreiro, Giovana Calcagno Gomes, Helena Heidtmann Vaghetti 448-456
Identification of health disorders that lead the elderly to the emergency service PDF PDF
Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Danielle Moura Tenorio 457-465

Integrative literature review

Grounded theory in nursing: an integrative review PDF PDF
Ingrid Meireles Gomes, Ana Paula Hermann, Lillian Daisy Gonçalves Wolff, Aida Maris Peres, Maria Ribeiro Lacerda 466-474
Changes in nurses training under the axis of comprehensive care: integrative review PDF PDF
Daiana Kloh, Kenya Schmidt Reibnitz, Margarete Maria de Lima, Aline Bussolo Correa 475-483

ISSN: 1981-8963