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Vol 11, No 2 (2017): ISSUE SUPPLEMENTARY

Table of Contents


The homosexual in the family PDF
Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Isabelle Katherinne Fernandes Costa, Julliana Fernandes de Sena, Lays Pinheiro de Medeiros, Marjorie Dantas Medeiros Melo, Amanda Jéssica Gomes de Souza, Luana Souza Freitas 873-880
Quality of life related to the health of nursing professionals PDF
Katia Nêyla de Freitas Macedo Costa, Tatiana Ferreira da Costa, Dayanna Rufino Frutuoso Marques, Lia Raquel de Carvalho Viana, Gerlânia Rodrigues Salviano, Michelle Salles de Oliveira 881-889
Elderly self-medication in the family health strategies PDF
Roberta Barroso, Paulo Celso Prado Telles Filho, Marcos Luciano Pimenta Pinheiro, Emerson Cotta Bodevan, Assis Do Carmo Pereira Júnior, Rosana Passos Cambraia 890-897
Morbidity and mortality from cervical cancer PDF
Diana Mara Sarzi, Amanda Lemos Mello, Marciano Nascimento de Quadros, Rosane Maria Kirchner, Marines Tâmbara Leite, Luis Anildo Anacleto da Silva 898-905
Quality indicators of health product processing in steam autoclaves PDF
Alline Cristhiane da Cunha Mendonça, ANA LUCIA QUEIROZ BEZERRA, Anaclara Ferreira Veiga Tipple, Gabriela Camargo Tobias 906-914
Satisfaction of patients with safety in nursing care PDF
Ana Lucia Queiroz Bezerra, Thaynara de Oliveira Silva, Thatianny Tanferri de Brito Paranaguá, Gabriela Camargo Tobias, Ana Elisa Bauer de Camargo Silva 915-921
Stress and coping among nursing professionals of intensive and semi-intensive care units PDF
Gabriela Alves Vieira da Silva, Graziela de Souza Alves da Silva, Rafaela Andolhe, Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Kátia Grillo Padilha, Ana Lúcia Siqueira Costa 922-931
Normal childbirth cared for by obstetric nurses: birthing positions and the relationship with spontaneous perineal lacerations PDF
Natália Jardim de Carvalho Schettini, Rejane Antonello Griboski, Andréa Mathes Faustino 932-940
Profile of patients followed by the interdisciplinary wound care commission PDF
Rafaela Mariano Dutra, Mayara Leite da Silva, Manuela de Mendonça Figueirêdo Coelho, Márcia Cristina Alves Azevedo, Sara Taciana Firmino Bezerra 941-949
Care in the administration of medicines: the responsibilities of nursing professionals PDF
Marcus Vinicius da Rocha Santos da Silva, Francidalma Soares Sousa Carvalho Filha, Giorge André Lando, Tairo Barros Branco, Lívia Maria Mello Viana, Hilma Mirella Costa e Silva 950-958
Nursing process with hypertensive patients in primary health care PDF
Lyllian Millena da Costa Matos, Luara Abreu Vieira, Mayra Rodrigues Barroso, Gabriela Gonçalves Silva, Maria Vilaní Cavalcante Guedes 959-965
Nursing care to the elderly with urinary incontinence PDF
Mariza Alves Barbosa Teles, Jéssica Reis Bittencourt, Ilma Regina Lopes, José Jair dos Santos Junior, Neila Regina Rodrigues Oliveira, Patricia Meira Rodrigues de Luna 966-972
Evaluation of active learning in the vision of nursing students PDF
Aline Rossanezi Castilho, Elza Fátima Ribeiro Higa, Márcia Aparecida Padovan Otani, Márcia Oliveira Mayo Soares 973-983
The spices in the everyday of the elderly PDF
Laura Ligiana Dias Szerwieski, Andréia Assamy Guinoza Gomes, Jackeline Tiemy Guinoza Siraichi, Diógenes Aparício Garcia Cortez, Lucia Elaine Ranieri Cortez, Cassia Kely Favoretto Costa 984-991
Locus of control in elderly people with cancer in different contexts PDF
Raul Paiva Santos, João Henrique Morais Ribeiro, Deusdete Inácio Souza, Paula Faria Dias, Maria Angélica Mendes, José Vitor Silva 992-998

Integrative literature review

Educational actions in the daily life of oncological nursing: integration review PDF
Karine Marley Captein, Delma Aurélia da Silva Simão, Andreza Nayla de Assis Aguiar, Érica Dumont Pena, Raissa Silva Souza, Isabel Yovana Q. Mendoza 999-1007
Maternal-fetal repercussions arising from chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer during pregnancy: integrative review PDF
Vânia Lopes Pinto, Danila Cristina Paquier Sala, Suzete Maria Fustinoni 1008-1015
Nursing actions for patient safety in hospitals: integrative review PDF
Andréia Guerra Siman, Simone Graziele Silva Cunha, Maria José Menezes Brito 1016-1024
Waiting time of patients in the queue to carry out bariatric surgery and related complications PDF
Anna Larissa de Castro Rego, Giovanna Karinny Pereira Cruz, Diana Paula de Souza Rego Pinto Carvalho, Isabelle Campos de Azevedo, Allyne Fortes Vitor, Marcos Antonio Ferreira Júnior 1025-1031
Nursing care in the climateric: demedicalizing perspective in primary health care PDF
Zulmerinda Meira Oliveira, Octavio Muniz da Costa Vargens, Sonia Acioli, Rosangela da Silva Santos 1032-1043
Educational technologies in nursing assistance in health education: integrating review PDF
Daniele Maciel de Lima Silva, Flávia de Araújo Carreiro, Rosâne Mello 1044-1051
Nursing actions to the elderly in the family health strategy: integrative review PDF
Renata Evangelista Tavares, Alessandra Conceição Leite Funchal Camacho, Cristina Portela da Mota 1052-1061
Physical, psychosocial changes and feelings generated by intestinal ostomy for the patient: integrative review PDF
André Aparecido da Silva Teles, Caroline Francisca Eltink, Lívia Módolo Martins, Nariman de Felício Bortucan Lenza, Vanessa Damiana Menis Sasaki, Helena Megumi Sonobe 1062-1072

Reflective analysis

Institutionalized older: educational proposal in the freirean perspective PDF
Jorge Wilker Bezerra Clares, Cíntia Lira Borges, Maria Céllia de Freitas 1073-1077
Child mortality and its investigation: reflections on some aspects of death surveillance actions PDF
Conceição Maria de Oliveira, Cristine Vieira do Bonfim, Zulma Maria Medeiros 1078-1085
Dependent care: posterior development of the theory of self-care deficit PDF
Maurício Gomes da Silva Neto, Lucyana Bertosos de Vasconcelos Freire, Jesana Adorno Soares Costa, Cristine Alves Costa de Jesus, Diana Lúcia Moura Pinho, Ivone Kamada 1086-1095


Historical evolution of public policies for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transexuals in the state of paraíba PDF
Joseane Barbosa Freire da Silva, Paulo Emanuel Silva, Lanísia Bianca Passos de Oliveira Cunha, Ivoneide Lucena Pereira, Jordana de Almeida Nogueira, Sandra Aparecida de Almeida 1096-1102

Case report

Report of experience of a group of residents in obstetric nursing on practices of organization of the work process PDF
Rosimeire da Mota Barros Aires, Liana Barcelar Evangelista Guimarães 1103-1107

Note preview

Transplantation of hematopotic skin celuloses in a reference service: clinical and epidemiological aspects PDF
Isabelle Campos de Azevedo, Diana Paula de Souza Rego Pinto Carvalho, Giovanna Karinny Pereira Cruz, Priscila Fernandes Meireles Câmara, Allyne Fortes Vitor, Marcos Antonio Ferreira Júnior 1108-1110
The living of the renal transplant failure patient who returned to hemodialysis PDF
Isabel Comassetto, Karla Mariana Cabral dos Santos Santos, Thayse Gomes de Almeida, Gustavo Henrique de Oliveira Maia Maia, Karine Melo de Cezar Alves 1111-1114

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