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Vol 11, No 5 (2017): ISSUE SUPPLEMENTARY

Table of Contents


Constructions of gender, culture and society in the constitution and characterization of the nursing course PDF
Firley Poliana da Silva Lúcio, Paula Daniella de Abreu, Eliane Maria Ribeiro de Vasconcelos, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Attitude of nurses and predisposition to occurrence of adverse events in intensive care units PDF
William Mendes Lobão, Igor Gomes Menezes 1971-1979
Social representations on palliative care between nursing professionals PDF
Sara fiterman lima, Hávilla Gastão Quaresma Paiva do Vale, Viviane de Sá Coelho Silva, Amanda Namíbia Pereira Pasklan, Livia Mariane Castelo Branco Reis, Francisca Maria Ferreira Noronha 1980-1988
Indicators of quality of nursing assistance in peripheral intravenous therapy PDF
Verusca Soares de Souza, Danielle de Oliveira Amorim, Natália Borges da Silva, Kely Paviani Stevanato, Willian Augusto de Melo, Maria Antônia Ramos Costa 1989-1995
Palliative care in an intensive therapy unit: perceptions of nursing professionals PDF
Fábio Costa Carbogim, Thais Nayara Tavares de Faria, Katiusse Resende Alves, Luana Vieira Toledo, Dionasson Altivo Marques 1996-2002
vailability of nurses in the job market: what the numbers say PDF
Jonas Sâmi Albuquerque Oliveira, Denise Elvira Pires de Pires, Soraya Maria de Medeiros, Jussara Gue Martini 2003-2013
Report of puerperas about obstetric violence in public services PDF
Laís Chaves do Nascimento, Kamyla Félix Santos, Cristiani Garrido de Andrade, Isabelle Cristinne Pinto Costa, Fabiana Medeiros de Brito 2014-2023
Nursing actions in care for elderly men in the family health strategy PDF
Luanni Rayssa de Medeiros Souza, Luciane Paula Batista Araújo de Oliveira, Anna Cecília Queiroz de Medeiros, Rejane Maria Paiva de Menezes 2024-2032
Diagnoses, results and nursing interventions for people submitted to orthopedic and traumatological surgeries PDF
Patrícia Peres Oliveira, Amanda Souza Sales, Erica Cosme dos Santos, Dejeane Oliveira Silva, Myria Ribeiro da Silva, Andrea Bezerra Rodrigues 2033-2045
Errors in the medication process: proposal of an educational strategy based on notified errors PDF
Mayra Gonçalves Menegueti, Livia Maria Garbin, Marília Pilotto de Oliveira, Camila Megumi Naka Shimura, Caroline Guilherme, Rosalina Aparecida Partezani Rodrigues 2046-2055
Perception of women with mastectomy on reconstructive breast surgery PDF
Juliana Barbosa da Silva, Cíntia Bastos Ferreira, Jaqueline dos Santos Ferro, Lenilda de Oliveira Muniz Rocha, Kelysse Donato Cavalcante 2056-2066
Adolescent pregnant care in the SUS network - the welcoming of the partner in pre-natal PDF
Simoni Furtado da Costa, Stella Regina Taquette 2067-2074
Adolescents, pregnancy and care in primary health care services PDF
Maryama Naara Felix de Alencar Lima, Denise Martin Coviello, Thoyama Nadja Felix de Alencar Lima, Erica Surama Ribeiro César Alves, Rejane Marie Barbosa Davim, Aylene Bousquat 2075-2082
Adaptation and validity of content of the brazilian version of the cambridge worry scale PDF
Maria Aurelina Machado de Oliveira, Welyton Paraíba da Silva Sousa, Eulália Maria Chaves Maia 2083-2089
Factors associated with the stay of elderly people in informality PDF
Chrisne Santana Biondo, Randson Souza Rosa, Marcela Andrade Rios, Adriana Alves Nery 2090-2097
Infant mortality related to various types of accidents from external causes PDF
Liniker Scolfild Rodrigues da Silva, Clayton Mayo dos Santos, Louse Roberta Silva Pereira, Thaís de Almeida da Silva, Nathália da Silva Correia 2098-2105
Profile of sexual violence against women served in the service of women PDF
Wanessa carneiro da Silva, Anvete Leal de Albuquerque 2106-2115
Knowledge, attitudes and university practices on prevention of cervical cancer PDF
Bibiane Dias Miranda Parreira, Lorena Campos Mendes, Heloísa Pelisser Canton, Nathália Silva Gomes, Maurícia Brochado Oliveira Soares, Sueli Riul da Silva 2116-2121
Sociodemographic profile of women in street situation and vulnerability for the use of psychoactive substances PDF
Eliana Aparecida Villa, Maria Odete Pereira, Amanda Márcia dos Santos Reinaldo, Nathalia Aparecida de Paula Neves, Sonia Maria Nunes Viana 2122-2131
Induced abortion: women's perception of assistance received PDF
Danyelle Leonette Araújo dos Santos, Rosineide Santana de Brito, Amanda Barbosa da Silva 2132-2137
Risk factors for the health of school adolescents: differences between the sexes PDF
Maria Eduarda Gomes de Mattos Coelho, Jakelline Cipriano dos Santos Raposo, Ana Carolina de Queiroz Costa, Paula Valença, Viviane Colares, Carolina da Franca 2138-2144
Regionalization of health as an organizational principle for managing of sus PDF
Emanuelle Nunes Cunha, Mariluce Karla Bomfim de Souza 2145-2155
Adhesion to the use of ferrous sulphate by genders served in the unified health system PDF
Gabriele Nogueira Cassimiro, Júnia Aparecida Laia da Mata Fujita 2156-2167
Reflections of nursing actions in the quality of life of inviduals with leg ulcer PDF
Camila Dias Moraes, Nádia Soares Diogo, Érica Toledo Mendonça, Vanessa Rodrigues Caetano, Tiago Ricardo Moreira, Marilane Fani Amaro 2168-2176
Evaluation of the contribution of hospital accreditation in the process of permanent health education PDF
Adriana Lopes Domingues, Sergio Valverde Marques dos Santos, Fernanda dos Santos Nogueira de Góes, Maria Regina Martinez 2177-2184
Perception of nurses regarding their managerial role in the hospital context PDF
Anna Karolina Gomes Dias, Luana Vieira Toledo, Marilane Fani Amaro, Andréia Guerra Siman 2185-2194
Patient safety evaluation during the anesthetic-surgical procedure PDF
Rita Mônica Borges Studart, Elizabeth Mesquita Melo, Sirleia Lucy Aragão da Silva, Ana Karoliny Lima dos Santos, Antônia Natália Martins de Oliveira, Patrice Vale Falcão, Andressa Sampaio do Nascimento 2195-2201
Adolescent user's satisfaction with the uhs in the public health service PDF
Maria do Socorro Santos de Oliveira, Milana Drumond Ramos Santana, Camila Macêdo de Figueiredo, Maria do Socorro da Silva, Teresa Maria Siqueira Nascimento Arrais 2202-2207
Permanent education and hospital accreditation: a case study in the vision of the nursing team PDF
Adriana Lopes Domingues, Maria Regina Martinez 2208-2216

Case report

Experience of a medicine student in undergraduate training conducted at a rural community PDF
Áfia Regina da Silva Gouveia, Deborah Pinagé Alves de Lima, Lorena Sodré Ribeiro, Rayan Felipe Barbosa da Costa, Klenia Felix de Oliveira Bezerra, Layza de Souza Chaves Deininger 2217-2226
Health education and the fight against dengue: an experience report PDF
Lays Santos França, Sheylla Nayara Sales Vieira, Juliana de Jesus Peixoto Lima, Fernanda Santos Souza, Saluana de Queiroz Cardim 2227-2230
Professional and material possibilities in emergency inpatient care: experience report PDF
Marilene Matos Rubim, Leticia Silveira Cardoso, Jonatan Jean Silveira da Silva, Tatiele Roehrs Gelati, Jéssica de Moraes Rodrigues, Marta Regina Cezar-Vaz 2231-2237
Mental health care of patients with down syndrome: experience report PDF
Jardene Soares Tavares, Keyth Sulamitta de Lima Guimarães, Wilma Ferreira Guedes Rodrigues 2238-2241
Living well with a stoma: experience report on the preparation of a booklet PDF
Sara Rodrigues Rosado, Natália Michelato Silva, Cibelle Barcelos Filipini, André Aparecido da Silva Teles, Helena Megumi Sonobe, Eliza Maria Rezende Dázio 2242-2249
Permanent education workshops on sexually transmissible infection: experience report PDF
Lauanna Malafaia da Silva, Elaine Antunez Cortez 2250-2256

ISSN: 1981-8963