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Vol 11, No 4 (2017): ISSUE SUPPLEMENTARY

Table of Contents


Perception and feeling of adolescents with HIV / AIDS PDF
Ednaldo Cavalcante de Araújo

Original article

Profile of nursing students with hardiness personality or Burnout syndrome PDF
Rodrigo Marques da Silva, Luis Felipe Dias Lopes, Ana Lúcia Siqueira Costa, Gabriela Alves Vieira da Silva, Graziela de Souza Alves da Silva, Laura de Azevedo Guido 1606-1615
Profile of maternal mortality PDF
Renata Maria Mota Wanderley, Paulino José de Albuquerque Vasconcelos Neto, Hérika Dantas Modesto Pinheiro 1616-1624
Nightingalean assumptions in hospital practices: grants for nursing PDF
Jose Helder Alves Aragão 1625-1633
Nursing residents of intensivist scenarios: the importance of selfcare PDF
Mariana Barci de Souza, Norma Valéria Dantas de Oliveira Souza, Kelly Fernanda Assis Tavares, Luiz Carlos Veiga Madriaga 1634-1640
Maternal-perinatal complications in high risk pregnancy PDF
Ruanna Cardoso Leal, Charlles Nonato Cunha Santos, Marcelo Jean Vieira Lima, Suélen Karina Silva Moura, Aliny Oliveira Pedrosa, Ana Carla Marques Costa 1641-1649
Production of nurse´s subjectivity: relationship with the implementation of the nursing process PDF
Flávia Lamberti Pivoto, Wilson Danilo Lunardi Filho, valéria Lerch Lunardi, Priscila Arruda da Silva, Josefine Busanello 1650-1657
Use of the costing system based on activities to manage material sterilization PDF
Thayse Gomes de Almeida, Eveline Lucena Vasconcelos, José Francisco Guillén Solvas, Árlen Almeida Duarte de Sousa, Ruth França Cizino da Trindade, Isabel Comassetto 1658-1663
Knowledge of the surgical center team and intensive therapy unit about the sterilization center PDF
Thayse Gomes de Almeida, Josielma Cavalcante de Lima Batista, Cryslane Almeida Lima, Árlen Almeida Duarte de Sousa, Ruth França Cizino da Trindade, Eveline Lucena Vasconcelos 1664-1670
Accident prevention in a day care center: experience with parents, teachers and pre-school children PDF
Alline Ramos Araújo, Fabiane do Amaral Gubert, Marcela Ariadne Braga Gomes Tomé, Mariana Cavalcante Martins, Nágila Lima Fontenele, Êmile Costa Barros 1671-1678
Practice of the primary health care nursing team towards children with disabilities PDF
Simone Regina Carvalho, Sâmara Sirdênia Duarte de Rosário Belmiro, Izabella Bezerra de Lima Moura, Francisco Arnoldo Nunes de Miranda, Akemi Iwata Monteiro 1679-1686
The sense of nursing care during psychiatric intervention PDF
Renata Marques de Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Siqueira Júnior, Antonia Regina Ferreira Furegato 1687-1698
Feminine homosexualities in the context of health information systems PDF
Letícia da Silva Cabral, Raimundo Augusto Martins Torres, Lucilane Maria Sales da Silva, Antonia Regynara Moreira Rodrigues, Aleide Barbosa Viana, Paulo César de Almeida 1699-1707
Religiosity and common mental disorders in adults PDF
Juliana de Souza Gonçalves, Leila Lima da Silva, Maria Dyrce Dias Meira, Gina Andrade Abdala, Augusto Cesar Maia Santos, Mônica de Fátima Freires da Silva 1708-1715
Sociodemographic characteristics and pattern of use of crack and other drugs in a Caps Ad PDF
Camila Souza de Almeida, Margarita Antonia Villar Luis 1716-1723
The low weight premature child: the hospitalized maternity PDF
Adriana Valongo Zani, Hingrid Chauany Alvim 1724-1730

Integrative literature review

The professional exhaust in nursing: an analysis of the scientific production of theses and dissertations PDF
Mateus Estevam Medeiros-Costa, Regina Heloísa Maciel, Denise Pereira Rêgo, Maria Eliziane Pinto Silva, Lucimar Lucas Lima, Nicelha Maria Guedes Santos 1731-1744
Rehabilitation of people with intestinal stomy: integration review PDF
Vanessa Damiana Menis Sasaki, André Aparecido da Silva Teles, Mariza Silva de Lima, Jéssica Cristina Costa Barbosa, Beatriz Braga Lisboa, Helena Megumi Sonobe 1745-1754

Note preview

Epidemiological survey of malformed fetuses in a maternal-fetal medicine unit PDF
Caroline Mombaque dos Santos, Bruno Tischer, Wendel Mombaque Dos Santos, Caroline Haab, Débora de Camargo, Francisco Maximiliano Pancich Gallarreta 1755-1756

ISSN: 1981-8963